Golf Swing Tips: How to Check Your Clubface Alignment at Address

Golf Swing Tips: How to Check Your Clubface Alignment at Address

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For many golfers, achieving the correct face angle at address can be a challenge. Factors like eye dominance, hand position, and club angle can all make it difficult to determine whether the face is square to the target. In this video from our Golf Swing Tips Series with Coach Mike, we’ll take a look at how to visualize the face at address using some simple techniques


The Role of Eye Dominance

Firstly, it’s important to understand the role of eye dominance in determining where the face is sitting. If you’re left-eye dominant, you may see the face as closed or pointing left, while right-eye dominance can make it look open or pointing right. This can be confusing, especially when combined with other factors like grip position and club angle.

To get a clear picture of where the face is, try this simple exercise. Hold the club up with the shaft straight out, then close one eye and look at the face with the other. The face should be running parallel to the shaft – if it’s pointing left or right, adjust your grip until it’s square.

Aligning the Face at Address

Once you’ve established the correct grip position, it’s time to align the face with the target. At address, the face should be perpendicular to the target line – if you’re aiming to the right to play a draw, it should be perpendicular to that line.

To check this, you can use an alignment rod placed on the ground to form a 90-degree angle with the target line. Place the club up against the rod and adjust your grip until the leading edge is parallel to the rod and perpendicular to the target line.

Using a magnetic rod can also be a useful way to check the face angle. Place the rod on the face and check that it’s pointing straight ahead, rather than to the left or right.

By using these simple techniques, you can ensure that the face is aligned correctly at address, giving you the best chance of hitting good shots. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, taking the time to get this right can make all the difference to your game.


Visualizing the face at address is crucial for making better golf shots. By taking into account eye dominance, grip position, and club angle, you can ensure that the face is square to the target line. Using alignment rods and magnetic rods can help to check that the leading edge is perpendicular to the target line, giving you the best chance of hitting accurate shots. Practice these techniques regularly and watch your game improve!

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