Golf Swing Tips: Proper Torso Rotation in Your Backswing

Golf Swing Tips: Proper Torso Rotation in Your Backswing

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Are you dealing with a limited rotation in your backswing? In this video from our Golf Swing Tips series with Coach Mike Labella, he shares two drills to help you with proper torso rotation. 

Biggest Issue with Rotation in Your Backswing

The issue is often too much arm movement. To address this issue, you need to get your body active while keeping your arms and hands passive. The best players in the world rely on this technique to hit the ball consistently and far. When you involve your hands and arms too much, consistency suffers, and you cannot achieve a consistent low point and strikes on the center of the face.

How Gravity Fit Helps

If you're dealing with this issue, the Gravity Fit is an excellent training tool to try out. With an alignment rod, the Gravity Fit allows you to feel the movements, activate your core, and take your hands and arms out of the equation. Before we dive into the tool, let's talk about what's going on with your swing. You're probably moving your arms too much, and you're retracting your shoulders while your body remains in the same position.

Rotation Drill 1

To solve this problem, put a club across your shoulders with the butt of the club beyond the middle of your stance or at the golf ball. Then, try turning your torso to the inside of your trail foot. Alternatively, you could try to get your left shoulder in front of your right shoulder and your right shoulder behind your head. Whatever works best for you, focus on getting your torso activated as one unit instead of pulling your arms across your body.

Rotation Drill 2

Now, let's talk about the Gravity Fit. When you use your arms in your swing, the resistance band pulls you in with gravity. However, when you use your torso, you can create width and a big body turn without pulling your arms. This turn creates a bend in your trail arm, while your lead arm has more extension. To get started, feel your core and bring everything together in one piece while keeping the clubhead, arm, shoulders, and torso moving together. You can also use an alignment rod and maintain your position while turning to feel your core activate.

Swing Thought

If you feel limited with your body, you can try setting up with your right foot back and flaring your foot slightly. From here, focus on getting your lead shoulder to the ball, slightly inside the ball, and feeling your entire body work together. Drill one is the club or alignment rod across your shoulders, and drill two is the Gravity Fit. You can also use a resistance band if you have one to feel the tension in your arms from the address and swing back together as one unit. With these drills, you'll achieve a better turn that sets you up for a more consistent swing on the way down.

If you're practicing in the off-season, you can break your practice routine into several parts. Start with the alignment rod and do three reps. Next, move onto the Gravity Fit and repeat the same process. Finally, feel the club and focus on your takeaway and to the top. By following these tips, you'll be on your way to a better swing and improved consistency on the course.

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