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High Quality Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

High Quality Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever - Easier Golfing

High Quality Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

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Stop wasting money on lost balls and retrieve them easily with the telescopic ball retriever. Easy to use and pays for itself over a short period of time.

  • Telescopic design can reach a max distance of 6.5 feet. 
  • Stainless steel shaft, lightweight and strong. 
  • Retrieve your ball no matter,  whether it is in a pond, or beyond a boundary fence. 
  • The automatic locking device on the scoop prevents the ball from being dropped on retrieval. 
  • Comfortable handle grip for an easy holding compact design fits easily into a soft bag.
Color: Black + silver 
Material: Stainless steel + ABS 
Scoop diameter: Approx 5cm / 2in 
Scoop depth: Approx 4.5cm / 1.8in 
Retracted length: 40cm / 1.31ft 
Extended length: 200cm / 6.56ft 
Weight: 189g / 6.67oz 
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