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Important: Please check size suggestions before ordering.

If you are 5'5" or under, order the small. If you are over 5'5", please order the standard. 

This Revolutionary Device Is The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Effective Way To Improve Your Swing!

Unlock The Hidden Distance And Consistency In Your Swing  
Using the Power Flex™ Golf Swing Trainer!

Durable fiberglass and polyurethane construction means it lasts for years of daily use…

Builds strength, increases flexibility, and reduces injury  - both on and off the golf course…

Gives you instant feedback and correction on your tempo  – so you can quickly and easily develop a “buttery smooth” laser-accurate swing…

Can be used indoors during bad weather  (10 – 20 swings a day is all it takes to find and maintain that perfect tempo)

Can be used by left or right-handed players

Legal to carry on the course  (and fits neatly in any golf bag)

Available in two sizes – Standard Trainer and Small Trainer. Standard is ideal for most Golfers over 5'7". The Small is ideal for most golfers under 5'7" and Juniors.  

Every purchase backed by a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee  (more on that below)


The Power Flex Golf Tempo Trainer gives you instant visual and tactile feedback on your swing’s tempo, allowing you to quickly and efficiently create the perfect rhythm to your swing…

And unlocking your hidden distance, power, and consistency.

The weighted head is attached to a regular-style golf club grip through means of a flexible shaft. Simply use the Tempo Trainer like you would a regular golf club and practice your swing 10-15 times before a round, at the range, during an off day in your living room or garage.

If at any point during the swing you don’t have excellent rhythm and balance (the keys to a consistent golf swing), the ball will “wobble” and highlight the exact moment your swing became “out of tempo.”

Focus on smoothing out this sensation and in just ten to fifteen practice swings your golf swing will effortlessly achieve a perfect tempo…

  • Giving you the reliable consistency you’ve always deserved in your golf game…  
  • Adding 10, 20, or even 40 yards of extra distance to every swing…  
  • And lowering your handicap by 2, 5, or even 7 strokes. 

Plus, the weighted head will build strength and flexibility in your arms, shoulders, and core, toning muscles and further adding to the explosive power of your new golf swing.

There Are Just Three Easy Steps To
Using The Power Flex™ Golf Tempo Trainer…


Start at your normal address position. Move the club slightly to get a feel for the weight and flexibility of the Tempo Trainer.


Bring the Tempo Trainer to your backswing position. Pause for a moment at the top to let the polyurethane head “catch up” with the movement.


Smoothly swing and feel your weight transfer to your front side as you complete your downswing. The Tempo Trainer will give you instant tactile feedback on the parts of your swing where you’re rushing ahead and sapping your power.

In a few practice swings, you’ll have found
your perfect tempo and added yards of effortless,
consistent distance to your swing.


Easy To Use -

Simply swing the Power Flex back and forth continually without stopping as if you're swinging to a metronome. Just 15-20 swings per day or as often as possible is all it takes.

Use Before Every Round -

Perfect stretch and pre-round warm-up. Work on the perfect tempo and swing plane for your best round ever.

Improve Your Swing -

Just a few minutes a day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. Fits easily in any golf bag and is legal to carry on the course.

Two Sizes To Choose From:

Power Flex STANDARD:  48" length, 2.5 lb. head. The Power Flex 48" is best for golfers over the height of 5'7"

Power Flex SMALL:  40" length, 2.5 lb. head. The smaller size is ideal for many golfers under the height of 5'7" and Juniors.

Try the Power Flex™ and See the Difference
it Can Make in Your Game!

The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order Right Now With Confidence!

Try the Power Flex Trainer for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you,
you’ll get your money back! There’s absolutely no risk in giving it a try.


40% OFF & Fast FREE Shipping

(Ships Directly From Our Australia Warehouses)


100% Money Back Guarantee!

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