Greenside Wedge Tips

Greenside Wedge Tips

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Wedge shots in golf can present a range of challenges, depending on how the ball is sitting—whether it's sitting down in thick grass or sitting up on a plush fairway. In today's video, we'll go through some essential "wedge tips" to help you master these situations and improve your short game. We'll discuss the techniques, club selections, and minor adjustments to make, so you're ready for anything.

Understanding the Basics: Ball Sitting Down vs. Sitting Up

  • Ball Sitting Down: When the ball is sitting down in the grass, you'll need to take a steeper angle to successfully lift it.
  • Ball Sitting Up: Conversely, when the ball is sitting up nicely on the fairway, a shallower angle is more effective.

The Importance of Managing Your Low Point

Regardless of the lie—be it rough, fairway, or bunker—the most crucial aspect is managing your swing's low point.

Tips for the Ball Sitting Down

Club Selection and Ground Testing

For balls sitting down in the rough, choose a club that can dig deep. Always test the ground to gauge its firmness.

Positioning and Stance

  • Ball Placement: Move the ball back in your stance, ideally just inside your trail foot.
  • Body Weight: Lean your weight on your front leg.
  • Grip and Club: Hold the club so that the toe is pointing downward to reduce the surface area.

The Swing

  • Wrist Hinge: Add some hinge in your wrists to help get that steep angle.
  • Strike Technique: Focus on hitting down and possibly grazing the grass slightly behind the ball. Make sure not to come in too shallow; otherwise, you risk thumping the ground or even topping the ball.

Tips for the Ball Sitting Up

Why Club Selection Matters

When the ball is sitting up, opt for a club with less loft. If you accidentally hit the ball high on the clubface, the lesser loft ensures that the ball will still travel a reasonable distance.

Positioning and Stance

  • Ball Placement: Keep the ball in the middle of your stance or maybe a hair forward.
  • Body Weight: Maintain a balanced weight distribution.

The Swing

  • Club Movement: Aim to brush the top of the grass in your practice swings.
  • Swing Path: For some, this swing will feel like a draw swing, especially if that's your natural swing path. The goal is to lift the ball cleanly, almost as if it's teed up.


Wedge shots are often overlooked but mastering them can significantly improve your game. The key lies in understanding the lie of the ball and making small but effective adjustments to your stance, swing, and club selection. With these wedge tips, you'll be more equipped to tackle any situation on the course.

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