How To Improve Your Impact Position

How To Improve Your Impact Position

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In today's video, we have a topic most amateur golfers can benefit from - improving your impact position in the golf swing. Many golfers struggle with positioning their hands ahead or throwing their arms before their body. The result is a sub-optimal swing that often leads to a "flip" or "getting stuck."

Harmonizing Your Body and Arms in Golf

To master the golf swing, you need to understand that your body and arms need to work in harmony. My philosophy revolves around an active body and passive hands and arms. Unfortunately, it's common for golfers to have overly active hands and arms, while their bodies remain passive. This imbalance hinders consistent ball flight and overall performance.

A Golf Drill to Optimize Your Impact Position

To get the feel for this, let's engage in a practical drill together. The key here is to maintain the width of your arms throughout the swing. Here's how you do it:

  1. Bring your hands together and stretch them out wide.
  2. Retain this width as you rotate your body back and forth.

You'll feel your torso rotate back, followed by your body propelling forward. During this exercise, your hands and arms should remain passive. Instead, let the larger muscles in your body - your torso, core, and legs - take the lead. As you turn back and pivot through, your hands and arms will follow.

Incorporating a Golf Club in Your Swing

Once you get a feel for the body-arm coordination, it's time to introduce a golf club into the equation. Follow the same wide back, wide through movement with the club.

One rule of thumb is that if you hit your nine-iron 150 yards, for instance, while doing this drill, you shouldn't aim for more than half of that distance. The goal is to focus on your form, not the distance.

With each swing, aim to hit the same spot in the ground and finish with the club head slightly lower than your hands. Avoid flipping your hands, which might lead to an undesired extension and wraparound of the club. Instead, keep the focus on the extension of your body and the wrapping of the club.

The Importance of a Pause

Adding a pause to your swing encourages greater core activity. It helps to identify if you're pulling on the club with your arms instead of using your larger muscles.

If you feel out of sync or uncomfortable, this is a clear sign that your body and arms are not working together. Your goal should be to use the larger muscles in your body to hit the shot.

The End Result

Mastering these techniques will significantly improve the consistency and quality of your swings. By focusing on activating the larger muscles and making the hands and arms passive, you can achieve better strikes more frequently.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, don't forget to like and subscribe. We welcome any questions or comments below. Remember, the key to a better golf game lies in perfecting your swing mechanics, and this guide provides the first step in doing just that!

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