How To Stop Coming Over the Top

How To Stop Coming Over the Top

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In this video from our Golf Swing Tips series, you'll learn how to stop coming over the top and ruining your golf swing. Coming over the top often leads to mishit shots like the low hook, or the ugly slice, and they sure do make golf difficult. 


Coming Over the Top

Let's define what "over the top" means. It refers to when the clubhead comes up above the shaft plane and stays there for an extended period of time or throughout the entire swing. The club also works across the body, resulting in a negative club path number. 

A drill and a swing thought

To correct this issue, there is one thought and one drill that can help. Place a head cover 1.5 feet behind the ball and shift it slightly to the inside (like Mike does in the video).

The goal is to work over the head cover and then under it, all the way down.

This will force you to think about what the right shoulder does, which should be working down and towards the ball, the opposite of what happens in an over the top swing.

By using an external object and an internal thought, you can train your body to make the correct motion.

Exaggerate this motion as much as possible if you're suffering from over the top, remembering that the feel might not match the reality.

Practice this drill and focus on keeping the shoulder down and towards the ball. With a little bit of effort and practice, you should be able to correct your over the top swing and get rid of those slices and low pull hooks. 

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