5 Best Range Finders for 2018

5 Best Range Finders for 2018

Here are the 5 Best Rangefinders for 2018

If you are a golf player and are yet to buy a rangefinder, you have not done whatever it takes to make yourself a success. Some people might think that using these devices is unfair or that it makes the game somewhat less than what it is supposed to be. None of these two suppositions should hold you back. After all, professional golfers use them in tournaments.


Using a Golf Rangefinder

Perhaps you have never used a rangefinder. Using a rangefinder is rather straightforward. You just need to point your device at a target, and you will know how far you are from it. You can also use the tool to know the distance to trouble spots or objects such as bunkers and water hazards. You want to buy the best golf rangefinder 2018 if you are going to eliminate guesswork from your play or practice.

The Best Range Finders in 2018

If you do not know much about rangefinders, choosing the best rangefinder 2018 can be daunting. Fortunately, you are here, and we shall be telling you what we think are the best devices to buy this year. Here they are:

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition

Most of the time, quality has a strong direct correlation to the price. When it comes to shopping for rangefinders, you get what your money can buy. Bushnell Tour V3 offers you everything you would ever want in a pathfinder. Here are its features:


Pinseeker with JOLT Technology

5X magnification and scan mode

Accurate to plus or minus one yard

Range finding performance: 300 yards to flag

The Pinseeker with JOLT technology is what makes this device an excellent choice. When this rangefinder acquires your target, you feel a mild vibration. The device's scan mode enables you to scan the course to see whether there is a dip or a hill on the landscape. Bushnell Tour V3 gives you correct readings as you continue with scanning, and it keeps up with your pace.


So, don't these features make it illegal to use? It would seem so, but this pathfinder has received approval for tournament play. Buy this device and get the confidence and accuracy you need to win.

Nikon Cool Shot 20

Many recognize Nikon as a world leader in the optics industry. Nikon Cool Shot 20 comes with all the fantastic features of the best golf range finder 2018, and it costs less than comparable devices. Features:

6X magnification

First Target Priority Mode

Accuracy range: Plus one or minus one yard

Performance range: 550 yard

Locating the flagstick and getting an accurate reading can sometimes be challenging. The First Target priority Mode ensures this pathfinder displays a precise distance to the flagstick regardless of whether there are trees or other obstacles in the background.

With the Nikon Cool Shot 20, you are 100 percent sure you have got a correct distance to the flagstick. Whether you are playing in damp conditions or other such undesirable conditions, worry not — this device is weatherproof. If you have experienced the Coolshot previously, consider upgrading to this choice; you will love it.

TecTecTec VPRO500

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is your budget rangefinder. That said, it still is a high-quality option. It provides all the features a rangefinder should offer while helping you save money. Here are its features:

Measurement range: up to 540 yards

Accuracy range: one yard

6X magnification

Pinsensor Technology

First Target Priority Mode

Distant Target Priority Mode

High-quality Lens display

Whether you are inexperienced or are a professional golfer, you will enjoy using this device — it is easy to use and carry. Its Pinsensor technology computes accurate distances even when there are overlapping objects.

It comes with a military-grade steel frame, which makes it durable and waterproof. It is easy to set up and works well for all skill levels. That said, it has no elevation compensation.

Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope

Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope is the most powerful rangefinder available on the market currently. If you are shopping for a device with a high magnification plus a fast focus system and accuracy, this is a perfect option. However, you need to be willing to pay a little more than you would if you went with a different choice. But quality comes at a cost, doesn't it? Features:



Extreme Speed Precision technology 2



Slope compensation technology



Ranging performance: Up to one mile



Accuracy range: half a yard



JOLT technology



Vivid Display Technology



7X magnification with HD optics



While we sing its praises just like many other users, we must tell you we find it a bit bulky. However, its bulkiness does not stand in the way of its usefulness. If your home course is located on the side of a mountain, you need to buy a device with slope compensation technology as this feature improves accuracy. Apart from its being bulky, Bushnell Pro X7 JOLT Slope is worth the investment.



Bushnell Pro X2



Bushnell Pro X2 is another Bushnell option that made it to our list of the five best rangefinders for 2018. It comes with state-of-the-art technology coupled with durability. It is quite easy to use and has much better aesthetics than its competitors. It is also waterproof, meaning you have no worries when it rains or if it accidentally falls into a hazard. It is damage-resistant due to its high durability. Features:



Dual Display Technology



Pinseeker with JOLT technology



Slope compensation technology



Slope switch technology



6X magnification



Ranging accuracy: half a yard



Range: up to 1300 yards



It offers a friendly user experience. The Pinseeker JOLT technology lets you know when you have "shot" the pin accurately. Its slope compensation technology ensures distance accuracy. The Price can be quite steep, but this is a high-quality product you will keep for long. The slope switch technology adds to its usability — you just flip a switch — and offers flexibility to those who play competitive golf. Additionally, it is easy to carry.



In the end, we chose Bushnell Pro X2 as the best golf rangefinder to buy in 2018. It is portable, easy on the eye, accurate, and it uses state-of-the-art technology.


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