5 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Golf Game at Home

5 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Golf Game at Home

While avid golfers love to be out every month of the year playing golf in the warmer climates, for most golf lovers that is not an option. Since two-thirds of the country live in three or four-season climates, there are months when many avid golfers cannot go golfing outside at a golf course. During the colder months filled with wet, snowy, windy or stormy weather outdoor golfing is not an option. That is when it is a great time to brush up on your golf game at home. While some people believe there is little that can be done at home nothing could be further from the truth. Use of tutorials, virtual games, practice areas and instructionals are the best way to be ready for the game when the weather finally cooperates.


Professional golfers know the key ingredients to the game of golf are all about learning better precision. How you stand, hold the club and swing all greatly impact the outcome of your game. Because of this, taking the time to work on the basic skills of the game of golf from the comfort of your own home during the off seasons can be a great way to prepare to be on the greenway when the warmer weather returns.



There are five basic ways to improve your golf game at home.


  1. The first great way to improve your game from home, is taking time to do some research and get some great DVD’s on the game of golf. This is one of the best ways to begin to work on your game off season. These DVD’s are generally put together by PGA professionals to help teach golfers how to improve their game. The focus of these DVD’s is to guide golfers in improving their stand, grip, swing and putting skills and can be watched while you work alongside the professional golfer anytime of year.


  1. The second great way to improve your golf game is through the use of virtual golfing games. These gaming systems can easily be bought and through a virtual gaming system on a big screen can help golfers to work on their drive, putting, stand, direction and swing. Through virtual golfing games, a golfer can get a simulated golf green on a screen and can include an activated floor pad. Through this virtual experience golfers can practice their golfing techniques any time of day or night and during any season. These golfing gaming systems give players direct feedback as the player continues their golf game work out. This can be a critical part of improving golfing skills in the off season and allows for extended practice time for the sunny spring return to the course.


  1. The third great way to improve your golf game at home is to set up an area that practice can occur in and begin to work on the swing. Basements can be a great area and Nerf or very light weight mock golf balls are great for this home swing workout. In general, this is not the best area to practice the distant swing but for a basic swing this can be great. Adjustments must be made for the weight differential of the Nerf or light weight golf ball and real golf balls once spring arrives. However, golfers get great workouts on their stand, direction and drive focus which does improve with practice through this type of workout. Having a catch net set at one end will help keep the balls easier to re-use and locate.


  1. The fourth great way to practice and improve your golf game at home is through setting up a practice putting area with different levels of skill. While many golf stores as well as online retailers sell miniature putting greens, golfers can advance this idea at home by creating a bit more of an advanced putting system.


At home putting ramps can be built at home that are similar to the kinds of ramps you might find in a miniature golf course with fake turf and sand based putting areas. These types of at home putting areas can be a great way to master off season workouts for putting skill improvement.


These putting greens can be either bought at golf stores, online or can be built and made to be movable. This is important for most golfers. If they are portable, there is no need to worry about them taking up all the basement space year-round. These putting greens usually come in parts and can be broken down. For people who wish to build a putting green themselves, it is advisable to build them in a way where they can be dismantled and put away at times so the basement stays useful for other things. Since actual greenway putting can consist of varying degrees of difficulty near the different greenways, these putting ramps are perfect ways to practice putting which can be a significant part of improving your score.


  1. The fifth great way to improve your golf game is through the use of online golfing instruction and professional golfing guide books. These are a great way to read up on techniques that professional golfers used to improve their game and performance.


There are instructional guidebooks for beginners and all levels for more advanced golf workout techniques. With online instruction, there is also a significant number of available tutorials as well as online videos that show golfers how to swing, stand, putt and get better drive in their game just like the professionals. It allows for people to get advice from some of the best golfers in the world without paying an arm and a leg for a live lesson from a PGA professional.


Online golf websites help golfers who want to improve their game by watching other professional golfers work through their games in a step by step way. While DVD’s are great for this as well, there is a wide variety of online sources. Additionally
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