Save Strokes by Chipping With Your Hybrid

Save Strokes by Chipping With Your Hybrid


Golf players and fans around the world are quite aware that sand, pitching or lob wedges are traditionally used to make great pitch shots during the game. Over the years, golfers begin to heavily rely on one of these certain wedges since it provides them with the greatest confidence. The issue seems to arise during different points of the year when the weather begins to change which further leads to transitions in the grass being played on. Factors such as the seasons are not in the hands of players.

Therefore, it is important to have as much variety as possible in one’s golf bag in order to diversify and improve one's skills. One tool the avid golfer should consider is the hybrid club. This is a type of club that borrows the designs from both irons and woods.

By utilizing these two materials simultaneously, the hybrid golf club allows the golf player to experience the traditional swing mechanics of an iron and the more forgiving nature of a wood. These types of clubs are gaining more and more popularity as their control and playability are being discovered.

First, let us look into how to perform a hybrid chip and then we will focus on the particular situations where a hybrid golf club can save a player strokes and can be considered advantageous over traditional chipping.

In order to chip around the green with a hybrid, always remember the ball will come off the club base hotter due to its iron-wood mixture. Because of this, you will not require a longer swing and should try not to chuck your wrist as much as you normally would. Chipping seems to be a problem for a lot of people who tend to forget to keep their wrist out of the shot and they end up flying the ball over the green.

To set up for the hybrid, you will begin by setting up as if you were dealing with a putter. You will want to make the shaft of the hybrid very vertical and you will want to stand closer to the ball. By remaining vertical you will be able to reduce the surface area hitting the ground and reduce your risk of hitting too much turf. Try to maintain a putter grip while you softly swing. Because of the way the hybrid is built, the ball will get into the air and skip over the closely mown area and roll onto the green.

Another great tip is to place your ball a little front and center and then do your best putt. By setting everything up properly, this will end up being a very reliable shot and can save you a lot of stress and headaches that come with increasing the number of strokes you go through. With small to moderate amounts of practice, you will find that this technique will be very effective and easily learnt.

Knowing how to use the technique just described can change your game but when exactly should you be using it is the big decipherer. The main goal should always be to make things easier for yourself. If you reached for something such as a lofted wedge, you would risk the possibility of hitting the shot fat and leaving it way too short or even hitting it thin and sending the ball scurrying across the green.

An ugly error or outcome can be drastically reduced with a hybrid club; the margin of error is increased with a hybrid. Always keep in mind that you will not receive more points by taking a shot the hard way, so might as well make things easier for yourself by considering a hybrid club.

Here is a helpful video tutorial:


Keep in mind that using a hybrid will not always be something you can do in the moment but if you see that your ball is close to the green, typically within a few yards, this is a great opportunity to whip out your hybrid club and reduce your risk of a bad shot.

You should also quickly ensure that you will have a clean lie meaning, you notice the grass is fairway length or in the first cut of rough. This is because if the grass is any longer, your hybrid chip will unfortunately not come out as clean as possible. Because taking a shot with a hybrid also won’t be giving a lot of roll out and will usually land at a shallow angle, you need an adequate amount of space to let it work. These tips are what make a hybrid chip so effective.

You will eventually come to realize you didn’t learn some complicated technique to achieve results but rather modified your putting stroke to help optimize your game. In time and with more exposure to this type of shot and hybrid club, the distance control factor will become an essential part of your game. Your scores will thank you and you will love this little shot!

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