Your Own Personal Golf Pro at Every Round

Your Own Personal Golf Pro at Every Round

Have you ever considered what the source of your problems might have been when you just finished a poor round of golf? Many people will be surprised to know that most of their problems stemmed from the way they were holding their clubs.

You probably already know the situation I am about to describe. You hit a bad shot and then you tell yourself that the next shot has to be better to compensate and the pressure begins to grow.

Along with the increasing pressure is a tendency to grip the clubs too hard. Tension has a tendency to make us do that. Along with this tight grip we have on the club goes a corresponding loss of control.

The ball starts flying in all directions, and the tension builds even more until you look at your knuckles and they are white from the pressure. If your clubs had to breathe you would have choked them by now.

Visual Reminders

I had a playing partner who had a simple list of instructions that he would read when his game started to fall apart and at the top of that list was 'don't strangle the clubs'

It's simple and we all know about it, but this visual reminder was all that it would take to get his game back on course and ensure that the tension wasn't there in the rest of his game.

This technique of having written guidelines was so powerful that several other people started using it. It was like having your own personal golf pro walking with you and giving you the necessary instructions when things started to go wrong.

Those words would allow him to focus on the next shot and release all the tension that would have otherwise crept into his game. Try carrying your own list of 'game savers' around with you next time and don't hesitate to read them at the first sign your game might be falling apart.

It is an incredibly powerful technique. Try it out on your next round and see if it helps. 

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