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True Putt™ Pro Putting Alignment Mirror

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Eliminate those awful three-putts that are killing your rounds. Putting mirrors are used by some of the top PGA tour pros today, so why wouldn't you use one? It is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. 

Check your eyes, shoulders, putter face & more. Consistency is key! 

Toss the mirror it down, line it up, check your setup lines, and build confidence with every stroke. Check your putter face alignment, eye position and throw it back in your bag before heading out on the course. Now it's time to make some birdies!



Poor alignment is the number one cause of missed putts. Using the Alignment Mirror will create confidence on the green. 

The Putting Alignment Mirror is very portable so will store in your bag when not in use. We recommend working with this mirror a few minutes before every round.

This is one of the most requested items from players on the PGA Tour. Improving your putting is easy with the Putting Alignment Mirror because you can see exactly where the putter face is aligned and work on setup (ball and eye position), face alignment, stroke path (using tees in the slots on the mirror) distance control (using tees in the center holes) and center of percussion contact).

Use it at home or on the practice green before each round. Just line it up, check your set up lines, and build your confidence heading to the first tee. Used by pros like Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and many more, this putting aid is a must have for any golfer.

     ➤  Highly portable and great for checking your setup on the green

    ➤  Use it at home to practice when you're not able to play.

     ➤  Has slots for tees to help gain perfect distance control

     ➤  Perfect alignment to your target and to see your eyes over the ball


Watch Rory Mcilroy make 55 consecutive putts using his Putting Mirror!