How To Stop Early Extension

How To Stop Early Extension

Josey Orr
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Golf is a sport that requires a lot of balance and coordination. One of the most common problems that golfers face is early extension, which is when their hips thrust towards the ball, causing a loss of balance and power. In the fourth episode of Golf Swing Tips with Coach Mike Labella, he shares an excellent drill to help you overcome early extension.  

What is Early Extension?

Early extension is a term used to describe the forward movement of the hips towards the ball during the downswing. This can result in a loss of balance and power, as well as a poor ball strike. It's a common problem that many golfers face, and it's caused by a lack of control and balance during the swing.

How to Prevent Early Extension

To prevent early extension, there are three key points in a swing where we need to find balance: the setup, the backswing, and the finish. Let's take a closer look at each of these points:

  1. The Setup: The first thing to check is whether you're on the balls of your feet and the arches of your feet at address. You shouldn't favor the heels, as this can cause you to thrust towards the ball. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly across both feet.
  2. The Backswing: At the top of the swing, you should feel balanced in your trail foot, with your pressure towards the midfoot and slightly towards the heel. This will help you maintain balance during the downswing.
  3. The Finish: At the finish, you need to make sure you're pushing your body around the right way, so you finish balanced. Push off the ball of your foot up the slope into your left heel.

One effective way to practice resisting the urge to early extend is to use a slope or a two-by-four. Set up with your heels higher than your toes, and feel like you're falling forward. Use the slope to resist the fall and push yourself back up the slope. This will help you develop the resistance you need to prevent early extension.

Final Thoughts

Early extension is a common problem that many golfers face, but it can be prevented with the right techniques and practice. By focusing on the three balance points and using slopes and two-by-fours to practice, you can improve your balance and coordination and prevent early extension. So get out there, practice, and remember to resist the urge to thrust towards the ball!

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