Drill: Fix a Hook or a Slice in Golf

Drill: Fix a Hook or a Slice in Golf

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Do you often find yourself frustrated by the persistent slices and hooks in your golf game? You're not alone, and this video aims to help you address those issues and improve your golf swing. This easy drill will guide you on how to fix a hook or slice, leading to straighter shots and better scoring.

Understanding and Fixing Slices in Golf

If your ball consistently veers off to the right (for right-handed golfers), you're dealing with what's known as a 'slice'. Let's talk about a simple drill to help correct this issue.

At address, you normally have the club face square to the target. But for this exercise, I want you to close it, going from a square to a closed position. Now, your goal is to hit a straight shot with the club face closed.

Why is this helpful? With the club face closed at address, it encourages you to swing more from the inside to out, i.e., towards the right (for right-handed golfers), to make the ball go straight. It's a great exercise to get rid of your slice, and with practice, you can start hitting those straight shots more consistently.

The Simple Drill to Correct Hooks in Golf

If you're more troubled by hooks, i.e., when the ball consistently curves to the left (for right-handed golfers), we'll do the opposite exercise.

This time, we'll open the club face at address. With your club face set open, your swing should move more across your body. Essentially, this means you have to swing from out to in to make your shots go straight. This adjustment will help correct hooks, resulting in a more reliable and precise golf swing.

The Key to a Consistent Grip

As part of both exercises, you need to maintain your normal grip. This means when you set the club face open or closed at address, you should then take your regular grip. It's crucial that the club face adjustment doesn't lead to any changes in your grip or hand positioning during the swing.

Wrapping Up

These simple exercises will guide you on how to fix a hook or slice, turning those wayward shots into confident, straight hits down the fairway. Practice these drills regularly, and you'll see noticeable improvements in your golf game.

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