Mastering the Perfect Pivot

Mastering the Perfect Pivot

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Swaying too much on your backswing can lead to mis-hits, reduced power, and overall inconsistency in your game. In this short video, we’ll provide an effective drill to help you stop swaying in your golf swing and improve your performance.

Mastering the Perfect Pivot to Stop Swaying in Golf Swing

The key to a perfect golf swing lies in a clean, solid pivot, not in lateral swaying. A correct pivot provides the necessary rotation for a powerful and accurate swing.

Innovative Drill to Prevent Lateral Sway

You can stop swaying in your golf swing with an innovative drill involving just a ball and a couple of golf clubs. Here's the drill breakdown:

Step 1: Choose a ball – any type of ball will work. Position it against a wall and place your hip against it. This ball is critical for training your hips to pivot correctly.

Step 2: Take a golf club and position it along the inside of your trail foot. This club serves as a visual marker for your foot alignment.

Step 3: Next, take a second golf club and lay it across your shoulders. This club will help you visualize the ideal rotation of your upper body during the swing.

Step 4: Now, turn back, attempting to align the club on your shoulders over the one on your trail foot, letting the ball roll against the wall. As your hips pivot correctly, the ball should roll along the wall. If you sway too much, the ball will come off the wall, indicating improper movement.

Step 5: Repeat the process, keeping your focus on the rolling ball. The goal is to keep this ball pinned against the wall while executing your body rotation.

Once you have practiced this drill a few times, try a swing without the props. Remember to visualize the rolling ball and aim for a centered pivot just as you did in the drill.

By using this drill consistently, you can improve your body rotation and stop swaying in your golf swing, leading to more accurate and powerful shots.

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