How To Hit A Bump and Run

How To Hit A Bump and Run

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Golfers often find themselves greenside, looking for that perfect shot to make their game stand out. One such impressive shot is the bump and run, an effective and efficient technique that might just become your favorite trick on the course. In this guide, we will explore how to hit a bump and run, unraveling the steps and strategies that can enhance your golfing experience. Let's dive in!

What is a Bump and Run Shot?

The bump and run shot in golf refers to a specific technique where you give the ball a little hit or bump, providing slight loft while aiming primarily for the ball to roll out to the target. This shot is highly accurate and offers great control.

Why Choose the Bump and Run?

  1. Accuracy: Compared to shots with more loft, the bump and run remains low, moving forward, ensuring that it stays on the target line.
  2. Control: With a steeper angle of descent, you avoid unwanted bounce and roll-off, maintaining more consistency in your shots.
  3. Treated Like a Putt: Once the ball is on the green, it behaves like a putt, making it easier to predict its movement.

How to Execute the Bump and Run

Here's a step-by-step guide to perfecting this technique:

  1. Align the Shot: Get behind the golf ball and determine where you want it to land to reach the target. Treat any breaks like a putt.
  2. Positioning: Stand closer to the golf ball with a more erect posture.
  3. Swing: Take the golf club straight back without opening or closing the club face. Remember to include sternum rotation for an even swing.
  4. Ball Placement: Keep the ball center or slightly back in your stance but never aligned with the back foot.
  5. Execution: Maintain an erect posture, and ensure a firm sternum through the swing. Adjust as needed based on your execution.

Club Selection

  • Seven Iron: Ideal for staying lower and rolling more.
  • Nine Iron or Pitching Wedge: If you need more loft to get over the fringe.
  • Stock Eight Iron: Usually suitable to get just enough loft for the green.


The bump and run is not just a handy shot; it's a strategic and efficient approach to greenside golfing. By understanding the dynamics and practicing the techniques outlined above, you can add this powerful tool to your golfing repertoire.

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