How To Improve Your Bunker Game

How To Improve Your Bunker Game

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Do you dread landing in the bunker when playing golf? You're not alone. Many players feel less than confident when it comes to bunker shots. In today's video, we're here to change that and ensure you nail solid bunker shots consistently.

Understanding the Bunker Shot

When approaching a bunker shot, many players are overly cautious or, conversely, too aggressive. The result? Golf balls that either barely make it out of the sand or shoot way past the green. We aim to help you find the right balance to make your bunker shots both confident and precise.

1. Setting the Right Stance: Start by positioning yourself correctly. Dig in with your feet. This serves two primary purposes:

  • Lowering Your Stance: By digging in, you lower your position in the bunker, making it easier to slide your club under the ball.

  • Evaluating Sand Depth: Testing the sand gives you an idea of its consistency. Fluffier sand may require a more aggressive approach to get the ball out, while a shallower sand layer (where you can feel the bunker's bottom) indicates the ball might shoot out more quickly, needing less swing velocity.

2. Focus on the Low Point: For training purposes, push a small hole (about three-quarters of an inch deep) in the sand near your ball. This hole serves as a marker for the club's desired impact point, ensuring you don't hit the ball directly. The idea is to strike the sand beneath the ball, leveraging the sand to loft the ball out.

3. Maintaining Speed and Velocity: Once you've set your low point and assessed the sand's consistency, it's all about maintaining the right speed and velocity in your swing. By focusing on the low point and ensuring a consistent swing, you’ll achieve a better control over your bunker shots.

In Practice: In our demonstration, by concentrating on the low point and maintaining speed and velocity, we were able to send the ball out smoothly, albeit a tad further than intended. However, it provided a decent shot opportunity for a successful putt.

Conclusion: The next time you find yourself in a bunker, remember these tips:

  • Dig in and set your stance.
  • Determine the sand's consistency.
  • Focus on the low point, not the ball.
  • Maintain a consistent swing speed and velocity.
  • Let the sand guide your ball out.

Thank you for joining us at Easier Golfing. Keep practicing these techniques, and soon you'll find the bunker isn't your adversary but an exciting challenge. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to elevate your golf game!

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