How To Hit the Nipper Chip Shot

How To Hit the Nipper Chip Shot

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Welcome to another insightful edition of our Golf Swing Tips series on Easier Golfing. Today, we're delving deep into the world of chip shots - more specifically, the coveted nipper or spinner chip shot. If you're yearning to improve your greenside game, stick around as we demystify the technique.

The Traditional Approach – To Use or Not?

It's no secret that many golfers adhere to the traditional chipping method: an open stance with the ball positioned towards the back and a slight forward weight shift. However, contrary to popular belief, this isn't always the optimal choice. Unless you're attempting a unique specialty shot, this method might not yield the desired results. For a comprehensive take on ideal chipping techniques, our other video tutorials with Coach Mike and myself are available.

The Spinner Chip Shot Decoded

For today's technique breakdown, let's step away from the traditional and embrace a new approach:

  1. Closed Stance and Shoulders: Instead of opening up, close your stance and shoulders slightly concerning your target line. This tweak allows for a shallower swing plane, which is instrumental in executing the spinner chip shot.

  2. Ball Placement: Ensure the golf ball is central in your stance.

  3. Engage in a Shallow Swing: The real magic happens when the golf ball remains in contact with the clubface slightly longer. The extended interaction imparts that sought-after backspin. Conversely, the steeper swings of the traditional setup might lead to shots that skid and release more than anticipated.

  4. Turn in Front of the Handle: As you execute your shot, make sure you make a nice turn ahead of the handle.

With these adjustments, you'll find that not only will you generate more backspin, but your chips will also be more controlled and predictable. Additionally, this technique proves invaluable when dealing with tight lines or hard ground conditions.

Closing Thoughts

A game of golf is a tapestry of various shots, with each having its unique place and significance. By mastering the spinner chip shot, you add another feather to your golfing cap, ensuring you're always prepared for the greenside challenges.

Thank you for joining us today in this enlightening session on chipping techniques. We are committed to bringing more invaluable tips and techniques your way. So, stay tuned and join us in our journey to make golfing easier and more enjoyable for everyone!

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