How To Hit The Punch Shot

How To Hit The Punch Shot

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Every golfer has found themselves off course, with their ball nestled amongst the trees, looking for the optimal way to recover. This situation often calls for knowing how to hit a punch shot. But how does one perfect this shot to make the most out of a tricky situation? Let's dive into the nuances of this invaluable swing.

Understanding the Punch Shot

The punch shot is often the go-to when you've hit the ball off-line, especially when trapped amongst trees or in rough conditions. The primary goal? Getting the ball back into play without getting it too high and ensnared in overhead branches.

Common Misconceptions

Many players mistakenly think grabbing a lofted club and pushing the handle far ahead is the way to go. However, when using a lower lofted club, like a 5-iron, and pressing the handle too forward, the loft needed to escape the current condition is lost.

The Importance of Loft

Even in a tight spot, you need a little loft to get the ball out. The key is controlling the ball's apex height. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging too hard at the ball in an attempt to get that shaft ahead. This leads to the ball soaring higher than intended, often leading to it getting caught in overhead obstacles. The culprit? Excessive swing speed.

More swing speed equals more backspin on the ball, which in turn raises the apex height.

The Ideal Approach

Instead of resorting to a 6 or 7 iron, consider using a 4 or 5 iron. This allows for a smoother swing while still providing enough loft to get the ball out. The trick is to not swing so hard that the ball ends up in tree limbs.

Additionally, while the ball should be played further back in your stance to keep the handle slightly ahead, avoid forcing the handle too far forward. For instance, for a typical punch shot:

  • Position the golf ball a little right of center in your swing.
  • Ensure you maintain a smooth yet longer swing.
  • Look for signs like a small divot post-shot, indicating the club went beneath the ball, helping control the apex and ensuring the ball remains under any obstructions.


Golf is a game of strategy and technique, especially when you find yourself in a bind. The punch shot, when executed correctly, can be your saving grace. So, the next time you find yourself in a challenging spot, grab that club and remember: smooth, controlled swings can make all the difference.

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