How To Hit A Flop Shot

How To Hit A Flop Shot

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Welcome to another installment of our Golf Swing Tips series. Today, we're shining a light on one of the most crucial yet challenging shots - the flop shot. If you're keen on improving your golf game, and specifically your short game arsenal, learning how to hit a flop shot is critical.

Before you proceed, we recommend that you watch our previous segment on "How To Chip Without Duffing" to understand the interplay between the golf club and ground.

Understanding the Ground Conditions

Knowing how to adjust based on ground conditions is the first step. If you're playing on soft ground, you'll need more bounce; on the other hand, if the ground is firm, opt for less bounce.

Perfecting the Setup for a Flop Shot

A successful flop shot starts with a solid setup, and here are the key aspects to focus on:

  1. Adopt a wide stance: It provides you with stability and allows you to get lower with your knees, critical for a flop shot.

  2. Flex your lead knee: The lead knee should be flexed over the toe to support a forward lean.

  3. Position your trail hand on top: This placement engages the bounce and facilitates keeping the clubface open.

  4. Forward ball position: The ball should be positioned a bit more forward than usual to let the club shallow out.

Remember, if too much bounce is getting into the ground, you might need to switch to a club with less bounce.

Crafting the Perfect Swing

Once you've mastered the setup, it's time to work on your swing. Maintain a wide arc and a smooth tempo, ensuring your torso is moving through the shot. Refrain from hanging back or trying to lift the ball; instead, aim to hit off the backside to generate height. The action of hinging and unhinging your wrist shallows the club and adds to the effectiveness of your flop shot.

Execute the Flop Shot

To put it all together, get into your wide stance with a forward ball position, get low, and lean into the shot. Secure your grip and swing with a long, even-tempo stroke, incorporating a little hinge and unhinge. Voilà! You've just executed the perfect flop shot. It's particularly handy when you're short on landing room and need to get the ball up fast.

We encourage you to test out these steps and let us know your progress in the comments below. If you find this guide helpful, don't forget to hit like and subscribe to stay updated with our latest golf tips and tricks. We look forward to helping you improve your golf game one shot at a time!

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