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    Big Book of Golf Workouts

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    The most comprehensive and effective golf fitness resource EVER created...More than 50 golf-specific mini workouts to fix any swing faults.

    The golf workout that is perfect for you may not be perfect for one of the buddies in your foursome or the golfer standing next to you on the driving range.


    Your body is different. Your swing is different.

    Even your situation or circumstances are different.

    You and your game deserve the kind of program that helps you excel and keeps in mind your specific strengths and weaknesses.

    You may struggle with an old shoulder injury, a touch of arthritis, overly tight hips, a shank that won't go away, trouble sequencing your swing, an older body that won't rotate properly, shaky ankles, or too much rolling of your feet that threaten your stable base, poor rhythm, a lateral sway.....and the list goes on. we have GREAT news for you.

    There's a fix for that!

    Big Book Of Golf Workouts is a downloadable PDF that provides precise written instruction and detailed images to give you the methodology, knowledge, and techniques needed to address specific problems in your game. The goal is to focus specifically on the areas of concern you have, whether that's power, balance, or a bigger turn.

    Course Highlights

    • Perfect for all handicap levels - this program simplifies your training and improvement process and is suitable for all ages and handicap levels
    • Specific for your situation - now you can perform the right exercises for your specific situation or desired outcome
    • Compliments your game - this was designed by golfers who understand golf and what you need to do to improve
    • Easy to follow - each program is only 5 to 7 exercises, stretches, or mobility moves that address your biggest physical challenges
    • Fix it and forget it - you will not be asked to do more (or less) than what is needed to address your issue or meet your desired outcome
    • Practical - designed for everyday amateurs who want to play better golf without working out for hours at a time

    Course Content:

    The Big Book of Golf Exercises is a compilation of 50 golf-specific mini-workouts covering a range of categories.

    Workouts By Swing Faults

    - Reverse Pivot

    - Need to Improve Spine Angle

    - Bigger Shoulder Turn

    - Improve Balance

    - Fix a Slice

    - Hanging Back on the Right Too Much

    - Head Movement

    - Need to Improve Pivot

    - Too Much Upper Body Movement

    Desired Outcome

    - Speed Strength

    - Explosive Power

    - Longer Drives

    - Better Rhythm

    - Core Strength

    - Core Endurance

    - Core Rotation

    - Strength Endurance

    Physical Limitations 

    - Improve Hip Mobility

    - Improve Shoulder Mobility

    - Low Back Strength/Mobility

    - Arthritis

    Equipment Type 

    - Kettlebell

    - Medicine Ball

    - Dumbbell

    - Bands

    - Full Gym

    Bodyweight Only Programs 

    - Beginner

    - Intermediate

    - Advanced

    Specific Groups 

    - Seniors 

    - Juniors 

    - Women

    Specialty Workouts For Golf

    - Travel Workout

    - Off Season

    - Out of Shape


    What if I have questions or want to contact someone about the Big Book Of Golf Workouts?

    You can always reach our support team at

    What if I don’t have access to some of the equipment that you recommend to complete the exercises? 

    Please see the section on Exercise Substitutions in this manual. It describes a number of alternatives for a variety of exercises.

    What if this program is too easy for me?

    If you find some particular exercises or workouts are too easy for you, you have several options.

    Increase the number of circuits you perform

    If an exercise shows an exercise with both feet (ex. A squat), try performing it with one leg at a time.

    Focus on form and make sure you are doing the exercise correctly

    What if this program is too difficult for me? 

    If you find some particular exercises or workouts are too difficult for you, you have several options.

    Decrease the number of circuits you perform. Start with only one.

    If an exercise shows a single leg exercise (ex. A squat), try performing it with both feet.

    Only perform as many as you can do with good form regardless of how many are recommended. For example, let’s say that 10 reps are suggested for an exercise. However, you can only perform 5 with good form. Please only do 5 and work up to 10 over time and as your body allows.

    Do I have to go out and buy exercise equipment or join a gym to follow this program?

    Definitely not. Most exercises can be performed with bodyweight only. However, you will get extra benefit by adding some very basic equipment like a large fitness ball and one or two sets of dumbbells. I would recommend a pair of 10 lb. and 15 lb. to begin. Most of the exercises are focused on movement patterns.

    What precautions should I follow with this program?

    This program was written with normal, healthy golfers in mind. There is no way we can know your exact physical history including health related ailments or physical limitations. As such, always consult with your personal physician so you can determine what is best for you and your circumstances.

    If I am new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a while where should I place my focus?

    Answer: Always concentrate on one exercise and one repetition at a time. Good form and function build a foundation that can last a lifetime. Take your time and only perform what you are safely able to. You can build on this over time. Question: