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    Body For Golf 2.0

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    Based on more than 20 years of experience in the field, the Body For Golf 2.0 is a self-directed, comprehensive, golf fitness program. It will show you how to increase driver distance, lower your handicap, and provide instructions suitable for a wide variety of golf exercises to help you feel youthful and play your best golf.

    Body For Golf 2.0 is a downloadable PDF that provides precise written instruction and detailed images to give you the methodology, knowledge, and techniques needed to hit more explosive golf shots. The goal is to take your golf game to the next level.

    Course Features

    • 10-point physical assessment test designed specifically for golf so you better understand YOUR strength and flexibility results and what current limits you are facing with your own game. These tests have been used to evaluate current tour professionals, some top college players (and highly respected teams), hundreds of top-performing juniors, as well as countless amateurs.
    • Very specific 'fix it now' exercises, stretches, and movement patterns that address your weaknesses and help you experience the breakthrough you've been looking for. No more wasted time on exercises that don't help or work for you.
    • powerful Movement Matrix based on today’s most successful golf exercise principles. A powerful combination of 3 highly targeted golf-specific movements will get you on the right track for immediate improvement (plus you'll feel better with all-day energy).
    • All new programs are scientifically proven to accelerate fat burning while improving your strength and flexibility at the same time.
    • Double the number of available programs so you have a ton more variety whether you like working out at home or the gym or not at all. That's how inspiring these workouts are!
    • Features a brand new, exclusive Stretch Matrix. This set of 3 stretches per workout changes each week and focuses only on the areas of golf where it will have the most impact.
    • Brilliant specialty programs that offer Speed Training, Balance Training, and Long Drive Training
    • And Much, Much More!

    Course Content:

    Body for Golf 2.0 is a 6-week program with 8 key focuses.

    Body for Golf Program

    The Body for Golf program is a six-week program designed to produce stability, strength, power, balance, flexibility and mobility for all levels of golfers and ability levels. You will learn new movement patterns as well as re-enforce and strengthen old ones.

    Physical Assessments

    Great players understand the effort involved in advancing to the next level. To consistently play at your best you have to develop a keen awareness of the things that are working well for you and the ones which are threatening your progress. One small fix of a long-time annoying problem can create a major breakthrough in your game.

    Mobility Matrix

    The Mobility Matrix represents a select number of exercises and movement patterns that serve as a warm up prior to your workout. They are designed to prepare your body, specifically targeting your spine, shoulders, hips and movements that closely mimic the golf swing.

    Stretch Matrix

    The Stretch Matrix represents a select number of stretches that should be performed following each workout. Lean into the stretch, hold for 1 to 2 seconds, then release. Repeat 10 to 12 repetitions per side.

    6 Week Program

    The six week program will help you to restore optimal flexibility in your spine, hips, and shoulders. Then you will learn to improve postural stability, core stability and balance. Finally, you’ll improve your functional golf strength and power.

    Corrective Exercises

    Body For Golf 2.0 offers 21 corrective exercises to help you with joint mobility, balance, stability, and more!

    Cardio for Golf

    We break down the two most common types of cardio for golf so that you can choose which feels best for you.

    Specialty Workouts for Golf

    Want to work on something specific for your game? These are some specialty programs you can add as you wish to continue to challenge your body and your game.