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    One Bucket Method

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    The One Bucket Method is a fast improvement practice guide that takes you through one practice bucket so you can see an exact training protocol for each and every ball you hit (and why).You get a practice session layout for every ball you hit. Each bucket improves on the drills you are provided and the skills you are developing.

    The One Bucket Method is a downloadable PDF that provides precise written instruction to give you all the knowledge you need to get the most out of your practice time. You will learn to:

    Find the right combination of quality and quantity.

    Despite a popular notion that practice takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, it is actually the right mix of quantity and quality of shots that produces the best experts.

    Move from basic proficiency to complete mastery.

    According to research by Anders Ericsson, a cognitive psychologist who demystified how expertise is acquired, the lack of deliberate practice explained why so many people reach only basic proficiency. Ben Hogan also recognized the importance of deliberate practice sessions.

    No more range junkie.

    Many golfers recognize a range junkie as a player who is always practicing, but never seems to play much better. Find out the hidden secret to moving from a range junkie to a highly skilled player.


    Course Highlights

    • Focused Practice - The right kind of practice is just as interesting as playing. I never go on a practice tee unless I have a definite purpose in view. - Bobby Jones
    • Less Time Thinking - You no longer have to think through how to practice. Every ball you hit will be apart of an improvement plan to make you a better player. 
    • Every Ball Has a Purpose - Every bucket of balls you grab will have a protocol for you to practice.
    • Enjoy The Game - Enjoy playing without the added pressure of having to “figure it out”.

    Course Content:

    The One Bucket Method is a detailed guide to getting the most out of your time on the range.

    Short Game Buckets

    Each bucket focuses on short game development.

    Putting Buckets

    Learn all facets of putting.

    Driving Range Buckets

    Learn distance and accuracy with all clubs PLUS how to overcome your flight tendencies.

    Plus a bonus bucket for further skill development! More than 10 full buckets of training!