Golf Swing Setup: Perfect Alignment Every Time

Golf Swing Setup: Perfect Alignment Every Time

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There's a reason why pros are so attached to their pre-shot routine - consistency! Today, coach Rob gives you a simple yet efficient technique that can drastically enhance your golf game, ensuring that you set up your shot perfectly every time.

The Importance of Finding the Proper Target Line

The journey to perfect alignment begins with locating the correct target line. Stand behind your golf ball directly in line and envision where you want your golf shot to land. To illustrate, consider having a second golf ball as a point of reference. The goal here is to strike your golf ball directly over the top of the reference ball.

Setting Up: Positioning Your Feet and Club

Once you have your target line, stand with your feet together, positioning your club directly behind the golf ball. The aim is to have it extend straight out over your designated target. Subsequently, take an equal distance step on either side. For instance, if you're using a 7-iron, aim to place the golf ball roughly right in the center.

Pay close attention to your feet — they should be parallel. This foot alignment is critical as it sets you up for a perfect shot every single time.

Recap: Perfect Alignment Every Time

To summarize, perfect golf alignment involves the following steps:

  1. Stand behind your ball and determine your target line.
  2. Pick your spot, the one you want your golf ball to hit.
  3. Bring your feet together, ensuring the club head is set square to your target line.
  4. Take an equal distance step on either side.
  5. Finally, execute your shot.

By incorporating this technique into your routine, you'll see significant improvement in your alignment on every shot, whether you're out on the golf course or at the driving range.

Thank you for joining us today. Keep an eye out for more helpful tips and tricks to up your golf game!

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